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Subscription healthcare for your loved ones abroad. Support them with convenient and affordable access to top clinics, cancer screening, chronic disease management, and remote consultations with US-based specialists.

Live in: Liberia

Coming soon in: Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Cape Verde


Modern Comprehensive Healthcare

We have established a local network of premium clinics and specialists to provide our patients a prevention focused health program including remote consultations with US-based specialists. Digital medical records and progress reports provide confidence to patients and loved ones alike.​

US Specialists From


Healthcare in Africa is Complicated

Caring for loved ones at home or abroad can be frustrating. Reacting to sudden healthcare needs demands care coordination, identifying the right doctors, raising funds, and managing travel. It's a lot for anyone and especially challenging on the continent.

Current Landscape


of all chronic disease is in Sub-Saharan Africa


of the world’s doctors are in Africa


of people are not sure the money they send is used for healthcare


Care We Deserve

Proactive, tech-enabled healthcare powered by a global network of top doctors and specialists​


Share your needs, goals, and history

No detail is too small. This critical step will help us build a year long care plan with your beneficiary. Your beneficiary will answer similar questions for a full profile.


Comprehensive Blood Panel and Care Plan

Begin your journey with a top clinician in our network. You will receive a tailored wellness plan for the year based on results and onboarding. This may include a schedule of visits, cancer screening, diet, etc.​


Progress Reports and Updates

Our notifications will prompt the beneficiary for their next appointment and data-driven updates help guide their health journey. Additionally, we will notify you of new services in our network like physical therapy, nutritional guidance, or additional specialists capabilities.


Top Local Clinics and Providers

Top Up Care targets clinics with electronic medical records, advanced primary care services, doctors with training or experience overseas, and excellent patient satisfaction.

Monrovia, Liberia




Dr. Nicole Cooper


Experience: 13 years

Former Kaiser Permanente provider

International Training

U.S. board certifications in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Public health training from the Harvard School of Public Health

How We Compare

Top Up Care Sending Cash Insurance
Access to Local Doctors
Network of Top Clinics
Pay for Care
Regular Cancer Screening
Guided Program
Medical History / Coordination
Progress Reports &
Appointment Reminders
Specialist Access
Differentiated Value

Simply Incredible

“We both get reminders for my mother to get her screenings and medications. When questions arise, specialist doctors from the US are available. I want this for me! Simply incredible

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Frequently asked questions

Insurance helps you pay for bills once you are sick. Top Up Care is a prevention focused program. Most developing countries lack effective health infrastructure so the most affordable and impactful way to manage one’s personal health is through prevention

A farmer must tend to their garden everyday and same is true for your health. Our customers want a medical home that can address all their concerns and goals. We are building a collection of comprehensive services, a global network of top doctors, and the technology to meet the an evolving set of needs from physical therapy to cancer care.

Of course! While supporting loved ones is a responsibility shared by many, we welcome those who chose to invest in their quality of life.

At purchase, simply share the email of your co-sponsor. We will send terms to both parties and once payment is received, the beneficiary may enroll for their first appointment.

Yes. The minimum subscription period is 60 days so members can at least complete a comprehensive blood panel, initial primary care visit, and a review of needs/goals. Members are free to cancel thereafter.

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